Generation music: 6 incredible families who rocked history

The Jackson Family

For decades there’s been debate about whether we inherit our skills or learn them, nature versus nurture. One argument for the latter is musical families. You find them everywhere, often crowded around a piano, or jamming together. Some families, though, not only play amazingly, they change musical history. Here’s six who’ve done just that.

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10 reasons why the 70s was the golden era for cult TV


Each decade throws up so many television classics that we’re not sure there’s any period we’d say was devoid of interest. The eighties had The Golden Girls; the nineties had Xena; the naughties had Six Feet Under. But we’ve got a soft spot for the seventies, what with its glam rock and disco credentials, and we reckon we can convince you, too, that the seventies were, in fact, the real golden era for cult TV. Let’s take a look…

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