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Joel Willans

Joel Willans’ prize-winning short stories have been broadcast on BBC radio and published in dozens of magazines and anthologies worldwide. His debut short story collection, SPELLBOUND: Stories of Women’s Magic over Men, was published by Route in December 2012. A history graduate, he’s fascinated by revolution and radicalism as well as history’s great creatives.

Kathleen Harris

A writer with a background in Linguistics, with a BA from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a MA from the University of Helsinki. She’s originally from the United States, but has been living in Helsinki, Finland for the past 4 years. When she’s not researching and writing the articles that you read here, she enjoys reading, binge-watching TV series, and gaming. She’s especially interested in the history of words and women’s rights.

Anna Kurkijarvi

A journalist and pro-blogger, Anna studied Literature at the University of London. Now she enjoys writing about travel, politics and popular culture, as well as her first love, books.

Peter MacGechan

Born in Egypt to Greek and Scottish parents, raised in the UK and living in Spain, Peter is multicultural in every sense of the word. He enjoys writing stories, which showcase different countries in a completely different way.

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