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Generation music: 6 incredible families who rocked history

For decades there’s been debate about whether we inherit our skills or learn them, nature versus nurture. One argument for the latter is musical families. You find them everywhere, often crowded around a piano, or jamming together. Some families, though, not only play amazingly, they change musical history. Here’s six who’ve done just that. TwitterPinterest0StumbleUpon0

10 counter culture novels that will get you high on life

From the European Romantics of the 18th century avant-garde to the pre-WWI Bohemians, the world’s been struck by many a powerful counter-cultural movement. The one that’s closest to our hearts, though, spanned the mid-twentieth century, and was rooted in the USA: from the post-War 1940s right though to the early days of the 1970s, America […]