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Victorian Beach Life: Photos of 19th Century Bathing Machines in Operation

Back in the 18th and 19th century, recreational swimming kickstarted a service industry of aids for decent beach life etiquette. These tools of maintaining dignity were perhaps unsurprisingly mostly aimed at women. Among innovations of this time was the Bathing Machine, or the Bathing Van, which helped bathers change into to their bathing attire right next […]

5 passionate protests that really did change the world

In the field of history, big one-off events are sometimes seen as high watermarks for important movements, or big bursts that have changed perceptions of affairs in their time and affected subsequent events. It’s up to academics to further the discourse on the relevance of events like these, but we’ve picked  a list of some important […]

The amazing history of early CGI told in movie clips

Computers play with numbers. Numbers form geometry. Boom. There you have it: computers were destined to become toolboxes for visual creative output. Mind blown, right? Here are some oft-forgotten milestones in the early post WWII journey of computer graphics from simple wireframes and line drawings to photorealistic 3D effects in movies and on TV. Remember: […]