15 vintage cat photos that prove people have always loved them

It’s a known fact that the Internet consists mainly of cat pictures. People around the world love to see and share kitty shenanigans in the form of photos, macros, and videos. And if Victorians had had access to the Internet, you can bet that they would have spent their time looking at cat pictures as well. Society’s love for cats is nothing new, and people have been drawing and photographing fluffy felines for ages. Want some proof? Check out these 15 vintage cat photos and cartoons that show how deep society’s obsession goes.

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13 free and fascinating online courses for History buffs


The Internet has revolutionized the ways in which we learn, giving us access to knowledge at an unprecedented level. There are tons of free university-level online courses out there to help you satisfy your love for history, which you can follow at your own pace without needing to register or wait for a start date. So close all of those tabs filled with cat pictures and spend some time learning about the history of our big, beautiful world with 13 of our favorite online history courses that will get you started on your path of self-learning.

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The amazing history of early CGI told in movie clips


Computers play with numbers. Numbers form geometry. Boom. There you have it: computers were destined to become toolboxes for visual creative output. Mind blown, right?

Here are some oft-forgotten milestones in the early post WWII journey of computer graphics from simple wireframes and line drawings to photorealistic 3D effects in movies and on TV. Remember: Early computers were room-sized, hard to use versions of a cheap pocket calculator.. Even video editing workstations were decades away.

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