Toy joy: 50 years of toys from the Sears Wish Book

Sears 1947

The Sears Christmas Book, fondly known as the Wish Book, got its start in 1933 and quickly became a holiday staple for many American families. Each year, children would pore over its pages, dog-earing corners in hopes that Santa might notice and decide to leave their favorite toys under the tree. Let’s take a look at a few toys of Christmas past that the kids of the time were dreaming about, from the 30s through the 80s.

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Tech of the Past: Thomas Edison’s creepy talking doll

Thomas Edison's talking dollYou already know Thomas Edison, the famed inventor that gave us important innovations such as the phonograph and the light bulb. In addition to these well-known inventions, Edison also held somewhere around 2,332 patents worldwide, many of which have been forgotten, never caught on, or even failed miserably.

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