10 old school fashion trends we’d love to see make a comeback

Fashion has a habit of being cyclical, and old trends often find their way back into modern closets. But sometimes the trends of the glamorous past either don’t appeal to today’s fashionistas or simply take too long to come back. Check out these 10 old school fashion trends that we’d love to see make a comeback right now, in pictures.

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1. Parasols




Practical and beautiful, what’s not to love?

2. Flapper dresses


Barbara Stanwyck


We’ve already expressed our love for the cloche hat of the 1920s, but we’d also love to see the flapper dress make a comeback in all of its beaded glory!

3. Long dresses with skinny belts and berets


So perfectly 30s.

4. Interesting bathing suits


Bathing suits made of wood, Hoquiam, Washington, 1929.


Knit bathing suit by Claire McCardell.


We’ll pass on the wooden suits, but we’d love to see some of the variety from the old days, as well as the classics.

5. Hats



Brigitte Bardot, 1950


Sara Thorn in January Vogue, 1959

Of course hats are still around, but they sure don’t have the class that they used to.

6. Gloves

old-fashion13_Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth

old-fashion14_Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney


Audrey Hepburn

Most people wear gloves in the winter, but dainty daytime and glamorous evening gloves are a thing of the past.
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7. Full skirts


1950s Dior



1952 Jean Dessès

Good for dancing and twirling.

8. Go Go Boots



1960s André Courrèges

You know we love hot pants, but we love go go boots just as much!

9. Metal dresses


Brigitte Bardot models Paco Rabanne, 1960s


Françoise Hardy in Paco Rabanne shot by Jean Louis Guégan, 1967

10. Knitwear


1970s Missoni


There you go! 10 of our favorite old school fashion trends that we wish would just make a comeback already. What do you think, should these fabulous trends of the past stay in the past, or would you like to wear them today? Let us know in the comments!

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    • Teresa D Stewart
      Teresa D Stewart says:

      You are absolutely correct (in the USA). In Europe knit is a noun and a verb. As a noun knit covers and form of . . . yarning?! Also in Europe all yarn is referred to as “wool” regardless of its fabrication–but we are just splitting hairs.

  1. Jan Bernier
    Jan Bernier says:

    Fashion like this should be brought to the fore front .They were warm and trendy also home made.I for one would love to crochet the gaucho full length poncho. Please make the pattern available and soon .


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