Letter down: The day Andy Warhol’s art got rejected


It’s good to reach for the stars, to aim higher, to strive to be the best. It’s what makes us human and what makes great art, great design and great technology. But, it comes at a price, the ever present possibility of failure. If that possibility has sometimes stopped you from even trying, take heart. Even the greatest of the greats get rejected on their way to success.

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7 of movie history’s most iconic classic sci-fi posters


Sci-fi is a graphic designer’s dream: lurid planetary colours! Monsters! Tentacles! Women screaming! The 1950s was the heyday. Not held back by political correctness, artists went wild with buxom women in waspishly waisted costumes and the graphic depictions of the things that made young kids reading comic books by torchlight afraid – those pesky aliens. But before all that was…
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