13 free and fascinating online courses for History buffs


The Internet has revolutionized the ways in which we learn, giving us access to knowledge at an unprecedented level. There are tons of free university-level online courses out there to help you satisfy your love for history, which you can follow at your own pace without needing to register or wait for a start date. So close all of those tabs filled with cat pictures and spend some time learning about the history of our big, beautiful world with 13 of our favorite online history courses that will get you started on your path of self-learning.

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23 things you need to know about Charles Darwin

Portrait of Charles Darwin

British naturalist Charles Darwin is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in history, laying the foundation for evolutionary theory and completely changing how we view the world. But what do you know about the man behind the theory? We’ve rounded up 23 fascinating facts about the “Father of Evolution” that just might change how you see the stern-faced, bearded man that was behind one of the most important scientific endeavors in history.

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