Lass in space: How women conquered the cosmos



Getting into space in the 20th century was backed by massive military tension between the world’s two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. The huge investments made in getting out there paid off in huge developments in technology and science we take for granted today.

To even be considered for participation for massive state efforts to stare down at our home world from a tin can in nothingness, you essentially have to be some sort of übermensch with physical and mental superpowers. Unbeknownst to most, some of the mutants who’ve attempted to get their feet in the airlock hatch have, since the earliest days, been women. Here are a few of their striking stories.

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The incredible story of aviation sensation Bessie Coleman

“Because of Bessie Coleman, we have overcome that which was worse than racial barriers. We have overcome the barriers within ourselves and dared to dream” -Lieutenant William J. Powell


Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman, the first African American female pilot, had the drive and ambition to achieve more in 6 short years than many people achieve in a lifetime.

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Taboo TV: 8 revolutionary firsts in American television


We can see just about anything on TV today, but there were strict rules governing what couldn’t be seen, done, or said in the earlier days of home entertainment. Additionally, there were many topics that were simply taboo and therefore avoided. However, as time has progressed, certain shows and characters have challenged censorship standards and broken down many social barriers. In this list, we introduce you to 8 of the most important and revolutionary firsts that have helped to shape television into what it is today.

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