Game on! 5 ancient board games that we still play today

Board games

Did you know that some of your favorite childhood games are actually thousands of years old? Boredom is nothing new, and people have entertained themselves by playing board games for millennia. In fact, tons of games have been found at archaeological sites and referenced in ancient works, many of which we no longer know how to play. Others have managed to survive into modern times, and it’s likely that you’ve played an ancient game without even realizing it. For your entertainment, we’ve dug up the history of five popular games that are a bit older than you might expect. Enjoy!

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Food for thought: 6 delicious meals eaten at historic events

First Thanksgiving

If you’re anything like we are here at Whizzpast, you probably find yourself occasionally wondering about the smaller details of history’s most important events. What were they wearing? What did they have for dinner? Well, we’ll answer one of those questions for you today by taking a look at six delectable meals that were served at some of history’s most memorable events. Although information about what was eaten at past events often gets forgotten or left out of the history books, these six events have fairly clear records consisting of either original menus or primary sources indicating what was on the menu, providing us with a tasty glimpse into the past. Bon appétit!

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Picture Power: The incredible story of the fight for women’s rights


The history of the women’s rights movement in the United States is a long and complex tale spanning centuries, and countless women and men have worked tirelessly in order to advance the cause. We’ve gathered together a few photos that help to tell the story of how women gained the right to vote, starting from the beginning of the movement.

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