10 novels written in the 1960s we love even more today


Some things only improve with age: oak trees, hard cheeses, George Clooney… Some novels, also, get better and better; remove them from the initial hype and throw in some historical context and the time to reread (and reread and reread), and you’re left with the most stimulating and rewarding of texts. Here’s a handful of books from the 1960s that we think are ageing particularly well…

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Sure shots: 5 classic photography books everyone should read

We could try to be impartial whilst writing this but it’s probably better to come clean from the off:  we love photography books. We probably love photography books more than photography exhibitions. We love owning them and flicking through them at my leisure. We love the fact they can have a secretive element; risqué publications tucked away alongside innocent dust jackets, ready and willing to catch out an unsuspecting browser. Monographs, anthologies, biographies, catalogues, artist editions… We unashamedly love them all. But, if we had to pick five, these are the ones we think you should read. Here’s why.

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