Quiz: How well do you know your 90s commercials?

1990s commercials

Television shows and movies from the 1990s are getting a lot of love these days. But what about the commercials? Discovering that you still remember a 20-year-old ad word for word is not only testament to the power of advertising, but it can be a huge trip down memory lane for those of us who grew up during that time. And let’s face it, commercials in the US during the 90s were unparalleled in their cheesiness and memorability. Put your memory to the test with this quick quiz and find out how well you actually remember your 90s commercials.


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Image credit: Michael Rockefeller

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of one of the most iconic TV shows in television history. It created such devotion amongst its viewers, that fans of the show became commonly known as “X-Philes,” a term coined from the Greek root “-phil-” meaning love or obsession. No surprise then that when the series ended in 2002, it had run for 202 episodes making it the longest-consecutive running science fiction series in U.S. television history. This record was only surpassed years later by Stargate SG-1 in 2007 and Smallville in 2011. In honour of a television show, which made a whole generation see the world in a surprisingly different way, we’ve unearthed twenty unusual facts to show the truth really is out there.

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You’re not paranoid. Really. Aliens, zombies, gangsters and of course wild west villains, have had it in for you for half a century.

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